” Reviving the Dialogue of Achilles and Hector”

Main Idea

Students approach the subject of history in an engaging and interactive way. They will create AI-generated videos depicting a dialogue between Achilles and Hector from Homer’s Iliad, aiming to bring the characters and their historical context to life. This learning scenario encourages students to delve into history through immersive storytelling, showcasing their understanding of character motivations and the narrative context surrounding their interaction . Additionally, by using platforms like D-ID and DALLE, students explore how AI can enhance their ability to interpret and present classical literature such as the dialogue between Achilles and Hector from the Iliad. They gain practical experience in using AI for scriptwriting, visual creation, and potentially voice synthesis, which deepens their understanding of character motivations and emotional states Moreover, students critically reflect on the benefits and challenges of integrating AI into creative projects, considering issues of authenticity, creativity, and ethical implications.

Creator Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou
Subject History and Computer science
Length 1-3 hours
Pedagogical Approach Project-Based Learning

GAI – Attitudes: competencies that enable awareness of the responsible and critical use of GAI, the positivity, and the confidence in the use of GAI

GAI – Tools and applications: competencies that enable a profound understanding of content generation tools,  possibilities and validation.

Grades Grades 7-12

Computers or tablets with internet access



Evaluation Tools

Video Quality: Clarity of dialogue, and realism in character portrayal.

Script Accuracy: Faithfulness to the original text, depth of character understanding.

Presentation: Clarity of explanation, engagement with the material and technology.

Learning Activities




Planning and Scriptwriting: 60 minutes

  • Description: Students will be divided into small groups of 3-4 members. They will carefully analyze the dialogue between Achilles and Hector, emphasizing the characters’ motivations and emotional states. Each group will collaboratively create a script that captures the essence of the conversation, ensuring fidelity to the original text.

Questions: What are Achilles’ motivations and emotions during this dialogue? Provide specific examples from the text.

How does Hector respond to Achilles? Analyze Hector’s motivations and emotional state based on his dialogue.

What themes or conflicts are present in this dialogue between Achilles and Hector?

Video Production:60 minutes

  • Description: Using AI video creation tools, students will proceed to record their AI-generated videos based on the scripts they have developed. The focus will be on accurately portraying the dialogue and the emotions conveyed by Achilles and Hector during their interaction. Students may use platforms like D-ID or other AI image generator tools such as DALLE to create visuals of historical figures. Visual realism and AI voice synthesis will be critical to achieving an authentic and engaging presentation of the dialogue.

Presentation and Reflection:Τwo hours

  • Description: Each group will present their AI video to the class. They will introduce their scene from the Iliad, explain their creative choices in scripting and video production, and discuss how AI technology helped them bring the characters to life.


Reflect on any challenges you encountered during the video production process. How did you overcome them?

Discuss as a group how AI technology enhanced your ability to create an authentic and engaging presentation of Achilles and Hector’s dialogue.

Reflect on how AI technology (both video creation tools and voice synthesis) helped you bring Achilles and Hector to life. Discuss the advantages and challenges of using AI in this project. What were the benefits and limitations of using AI tools for this project?


1.Planning and Scriptwriting:

Read the dialogue between Achilles and Hector Iliad carefully.

Script Creation: Collaboratively create a script that captures the essence of Achilles and Hector’s conversation. Ensure your script remains faithful to the original text while exploring the characters’ perspectives deeply.


Video Production:

Script Implementation: Visit the following platform https://www.d-id.com,use the script created in the previous session and  create a video.

Visual Creation: Use AI image generator tools to create visuals of Achilles and Hector. Ensure the visuals are realistic and faithful to historical representations.