Exploring Athenian culture (Arts and Architecture) with AI

Main Idea

Students will explore the flourishing city of Athens in Ancient Greece during the Golden Age of Pericles. Through research, they will compile information and create concise presentations, delving into the significance of their assigned cultural aspect to gain insights into Pericles’ Golden Age They will use AI tools such as DALLE, Canvas, and Tinkercad to create digital representations of ancient Greek artworks, bringing to life the rich cultural heritage and mythology of ancient Greece. 

Creator Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou
Subject Computer science,History and Arts
Length 3-4 hours
Pedagogical Approach Inquiry based Learning
Grades Grades 7-12

Computers or tablets with internet access

Access to an AI image creation tool like DALLE
Evaluation Tools Students will be evaluated based on their participation, digital representations’ accuracy, and understanding of the cultural and historical context.

Learning Activities


Students are divided into groups, each assigned a specific aspect of Athenian culture (Art and Architecture). Students use the AI image generator to create their artwork, experimenting with different prompts and styles to best capture the chosen theme. Discussion on sculpture, pottery, and painting. This scenario integrates technology with history and art education, encouraging interactive learning and creativity among students. It’s designed to be flexible, allowing educators to adapt each section according to their specific classroom needs and the available technology.

Presentation and Discussion (25 minutes): Each student or group presents their artwork. Discuss the interpretations, how they reflect the chosen myth, and any creative choices made in the process.



Activity 1: Explore the Golden Age of Pericles

Collect information about the art and architecture during the Golden Age of Pericles by using ChatGPT, browsing the internet and visiting the webpages below:


Acropolis Educational Material: Home (acropolis-education.gr

Activity 2: Digital representations of Greek art

Use AI tools (DALLE, Canvas) and create Digital Representations of ancient Greek artworks, based on your descriptions. You can suggest ideas, ancient Greek myths and see your creations come to life!        


Activity 3: Drawing the Parthenon

3.1 Embark on a virtual journey to the Acropolis through the link (https://www.acropolisvirtualtour.gr/) and explore the Parthenon and other architectural marvels.

3.2 Use the AI-powered Tinkercard 3D drawing software to draw the Parthenon.