Main Idea

The main objective of this scenario is to provide students with an opportunity to delve into the origins of democracy using artificial intelligence tools, enabling them to express themselves creatively. Students gain a unique perspective on the past and can make comparisons with the present, enhancing their overall educational experience. 

Creator Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou
Subject Computer Science, History, Language
Length 3-4 hours
Pedagogical Approach Inquiry based learning


  • Understand the historical context that led to the birth of Democracy and recognize its key features during that period.
  • Realize the influence of Athenian democracy on contemporary political systems and its relevance in today’s society.
  • Acknowledge the functioning of democracy as a component of a free state.
  • Explore how misinformation can manipulate public opinion.


Develop critical thinking skills through the analysis and correlation of historical sources.
Grades Grades 7-9

Computers or tablets with internet access.

Evaluation Tools Students’ assessment can be conducted through worksheets and class discussions.

Learning Activities


Students explore, through a simulated conversation with Pericles, how he managed challenges and strengthened democracy during his leadership. Subsequently, through internet research, students seek information about the functioning of institutions, citizen participation, and decision-making processes in ancient Athens. At this point, students need to compare and correlate the information obtained from the ChatGPT tool with the information gathered from the internet. In the third activity, students’ research expands to the relationship between democracy and artificial intelligence in the modern era. Specifically, students examine how citizens today receive information and participate in decision-making processes, with an emphasis on the impact of artificial intelligence on shaping public opinion. 


Activity 1: Interview with Pericles

Α. Imagine meeting Pericles in the ancient agora of Athens. What would you ask him? Utilize the ChatGPT tool or the Character AI application to simulate the interview and gather information about Pericles’ leadership and its impact on Athenian Democracy.

Β. List the main points of the discussion with Pericles regarding democracy.

Activity 2: Research

  1. Explore online sources for details on democracy in ancient Athens, including its institutions, the role of citizens, and the decision-making processes. You may refer to the following links:
  1. Compare the information you obtained from the conversation with Pericles to that you found online.

Activity 3: Democracy and Artificial Intelligence:

A.Expand your research on how citizens today acquire information and participate in decision-making processes, focusing on using artificial intelligence.

B. Analyze the impact of artificial intelligence on shaping public opinion.