“Debate with a chatbot”

Main Idea

In this learning scenario, students are engaged in a structured debate where they interact with a chatbot to develop critical thinking, argumentation skills, and a deeper understanding of generative AI (GAI). Students will explore the capabilities and limitations of AI, fostering responsible and informed use.

Creator Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou
Subject Language and Computer science
Length 1-3 hours
Pedagogical Approach Project-Based Learning

GAI – Attitudes: competencies that enable awareness of the responsible and critical use of GAI, the positivity, and the confidence in the use of GAI

GAI – Tools and applications: competencies that enable a profound understanding of content generation tools,  possibilities and validation.
Grades Grades 10-12

Computers or tablets with internet access.


Evaluation Tools
  • Participation in the activity.
  • Quality of arguments and counterarguments presented.
  • Ability to respond thoughtfully to the chatbot’s counterarguments.
  • Reflective discussion and engagement during the  session

Learning Activities


Introduction to Debating (10 minutes):

  • The teacher explains the basics of debating, including how to construct an argument, the importance of evidence, and how to anticipate and respond to counterarguments.
  • Briefly discuss the format of a debate and the roles of each participant.

Selection of Debate Topics (5 minutes):

  • Social Media: Does social media have a more positive or negative impact on teenagers?
  • Education: Is homework beneficial for students’ learning?
  • Technology: Are smartphones making people less social?
  • Environment: Is climate change the biggest threat facing humanity today?
  • Ethics: Is animal testing justified for scientific research?
  • Politics: Should voting be mandatory in democratic countries?

Interaction with the Chatbot (15 minutes):

  • Students interact with the chatbot, presenting their main arguments.
  • The chatbot generates counterarguments for each point.

Debrief and Reflection (10-15 minutes):

  • Each group shares their experience, the counterarguments they faced, and how they responded.
  • Class discussion on the importance of considering multiple perspectives and being prepared to defend one’s position.
  • Teacher provides feedback and additional insights into effective debating techniques.


Debate Topic: _______________________________________

Your Position (Pro or Con): ___________________________

What were your main arguments?
Argument 1: _______________________________________________
Argument 2: _______________________________________________
Argument 3: _______________________________________________
What counterarguments did the chatbot present?
Counterargument 1: ________________________________________
Counterargument 2: ________________________________________
Counterargument 3: ________________________________________

What did you find most challenging about responding to the chatbot’s counterarguments? ________________________________________________________

What strategies did you use to develop your responses? ________________________________________________________

What did you learn about debating from this exercise? ________________________________________________________

How can you improve your debate skills in the future? ________________________________________________________