Introduction to Data Mining

Main Idea

In this workshop, students should gain an insight into AI and a basic understanding of its applications. The scenario introduces students to the basic concepts, principles and components of AI and enables them to understand the potential of AI technology. They should explore AI applications to understand the use cases of AI and learn what algorithms are and what they do in AI. This scenario can be used as an introduction.


Creator Lana Sattelmaier
Subject Computer science
Length 45 Minutes
Pedagogical Approach

Experiential learning
Design-oriented learning


C30 Weak and strong AI

C31 AI basics

C32 Recognizing AI

Grades Grades 10 – 12/13

Computers or tablets with internet access


Observe student engagement and proficiency in using the AI tools.


Learning Activities


Introduction (5 minutes)

Teacher: Briefly introduce the day’s objectives and outline the activities.

Part 1: Data Mining Video (10 minutes)

Students: Watch video.

Part 2: Work phase (30 min)

Students: Work on the worksheet.

Conclusion (5 minutes)
The teacher guides a discussion for the conclusion of the lesson.