Dataset Visualization with Python 01

Main Idea

In this scenario, participants learn how to visualize randomized datasets using Python.

Creator Lana Sattelmaier
Subject Computer science
Length 45 minutes
Pedagogical Approach

Experiential learning, Project-based Learning


C01 Abstraction

C02 Decomposition

C04 Patterns

C12 Programming

C29 Visualization of Datasets

Grades Grades 7-9

Participants will need a computer with internet access, an integrated development environment (IDE) such as Visual Studio Code, and Python installed.


Observe student engagement and proficiency in using the AI tools.


Learning Activities

Description These learning activities aim to provide participants with basic skills in visualizing randomized datasets in Python, while also allowing space for discussions and reflections on the acquired knowledge.

LA1: Contextualization (5 minutes)

The instructor explains the purpose of the task:

  • Introduction to the topic of visualizing randomized datasets in Python.
  • Emphasis on the importance of data visualization for data analysis and interpretation in the context of AI.

LA2: Worksheet Completion (30 minutes)

Participants work on the worksheet:

  • The worksheet includes instructions for generating and visualizing randomized datasets in Python.

LA3: Presentation and Discussion (10 minutes)

Concluding Discussion:

  • The instructor moderates a discussion on the created visualizations and their significance.
  • Reflection on the challenges and learning progress during the exercise.
  • Discussion on the importance of data visualization in data analysis and its role in decision-making and communicating results.


There is also a second part.


Worksheet: Here