Artificial Intelligence and in particular machine learning has become a highly discussed topic in society. People are concerned about the enormous progress which might lead to both challenges and opportunities for the job market and for individual careers. However, Artificial Intelligence has not made it into the curricula of most countries in Europe. This is the starting point for the AIware project.

Specifically, we aim at creating the following:

Curriculum describing competencies for teachers and students (between grade 7 and 12/13)
Pedagogical framework based on problem-based learning in real life
Learning scenarios for different aspects of Artificial Intelligence as Open Educational Practices
Learning Materials for  different aspects of Artificial Intelligence as Open Educational Resources
Collection of Open Educational Resources for AI
Validations of the learning scenarios and materials.
A certification scheme for the “AI school”
Policy and curriculum recommendations

The project will thus provide ready-to-use solutions for schools and teachers which can be easily integrated into everyday teaching. We will therefore contribute to modernizing the curriculum for a critical topic and prepare students for their future careers.